«Аналитика гостиничного рынка»:integrated hotel efficiency and performance evaluation system

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    Full automatization of routine processes. Reporting and comparison with competitors in one click.

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    for Russia

    First professional hotel market analytics system based on Russian business realities.

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    Easy error search and hotel sales strategy adjustment. Financial goals achievement guaranteed.

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Why 287 hotels in Russia have already started a full-time use of «Аналитика гостиничного рынка»?
How does the system work?
Ways to implement the system
  • Verified analysis

    Hotel market is quite dynamic. Hotel occupancy may strongly vary depending on the season or the situation in the country. How do you normally identify the reasons of decreased or increased hotel demand? Guessing? Or discussing with colleagues who also can offer only their guesses?

    Think about how important it is for you to PRECISELY know the answer to any question connected with your hotel efficiency? Do you understand that using assumptions and unverified hypothesis your business may be quite restricted in its development?

    Our system offers you only statistically proved data. This ensures correct conclusions and effective planning.

  • Control over competitors

    Knowledge comes through comparison! This is a golden rule in hotel business too.

    Would you like to know what is happening in your competitor-hotels? How many rooms have they sold, at what price, what are their results? This is priceless information! Our system helps to evaluate it!

    Based on your competitors’ statistics you can count you market share and its dynamics. You can trace when you clients leave you to your competitors and figure out why. You can accurately and timely react to such situations and change your current sales policy in order to return and increase you market share.

    You can also compare your hotel’s strategy, pricing and efficiency with competitors’.

  • Free trial period

    Do you often try something new in your hotel or just dream about it? How do you identify if it’s time for changes and anything needs to be improved? How do you evaluate the result after these changes?

    “Аналитика гостиничного рынка” offers you a full-range of tools for planning, testing and evaluation of sales innovations as well as the system for their further implementation control.

    Furthermore the role of the main quality parameters is given to dry figures instead of intuitive feelings which won’t put you over and will help to see the correct result.

    Do you know how many hypotheses were crushed by reality? Thousands! We would certainly have failed without the secure tool of changes assessment! You don’t want to waste money on tests without clear efficiency? Then you need our system.

  • Business situation control

    All aforementioned possibilities serve one goal: control over situation. Statistics and analytics are needed to spot the problem and start acting in time. It will save business efficiency and boost your revenue.

    “Аналитика гостиничного рынка” is an integrated product. We suited it to different demands of hoteliers. You receive all that a specialist needs for successful management and constant growth the access to the system.

    Are you keeping everything under your personal control? Are the risks too high to let the business develop independently? Do you want to be completely sure in your conclusions and decisions? In this case our system is for you!

Main features, tools and reports
  • Unique possibilities of searching and filtering your competitors for comparison

    Many hoteliers believe that they compete with all hotels in their city. However, each hotel has its own client group and market segments it’s dealing with. So, in fact for the proper comparison it is important to identify the primary and secondary competitive sets which are similar to your hotel by a number of criteria. We will help you to identify the correct competitors and get an up-to-date information in your market segment!

    Competitor’s selection criteria:

    • hotel classification;
    • location;
    • size and type of the hotel;
    • pricing strategy;
    • services range;
    • reputation and ratings;
  • Market positioning analysis

    Great, you have found out what your main competitors are. You see their positions, average rates, occupancy and RevPAR. Now it is time to compare your efficiency indexes! This analysis will point out weaknesses and advantages of your rivals which is very useful.

    Criteria for market share evaluation:

    Market share is a relation of booked rooms in a given hotel to the sum of all booked rooms in rival hotels (including yours) for a certain date or period.

    Natural market share or fair share is a relation of all rooms in a hotel to a sum of all rooms in all rival hotels including yours. This indicator shows market share which a hotel can get if all competitor hotels have 100% occupancy.

    Revenue share (RevShare) is a share of the hotel’s room revenue in total room revenue of all competitor hotels including yours.

  • Business efficiency assessment

    Do you want to understand all ins and outs of your hotel studying only one report a month? “Аналитика гостиничного рынка” provides you with such opportunity. Hotel efficiency spreadsheets will show you problematic spots and advise you how to deal with them!

    Market indexes for hotel efficiency assessment:

    Market penetration index (MPI) is a hotel’s occupancy index. It is a relation of hotel’s occupancy in percentage to average occupancy of competitor hotels in percentage.

    Average Rate index (ARI) is an index of average room selling rate. This indicator reflects a relation of average daily rate (ADR) compared with competitors ADR. It is calculated as a relation of your hotel’s ADR to ADR of competitor hotels. If this index is more than 1 or 100% then your hotel works better than competitors are, your ADR is higher.

    Revenue generation index (RGI) is an index of bedrooms profitability. It reflects hotel’s rooms profitability compared to competitors. It is calculated as a relation of RevPAR to average RevPAR of competitors. If this indicator is more than 1 or 100% then your hotel works better than competitors, rooms profitability is higher.

  • KPI statistics

    Does your hotel earns money effectively? This is the key question for many hoteliers. “Аналитика гостиничного рынка” can answer it quickly and objectively. No more excuses from managers, only facts and figures!

    General indicators of hotel’s performance:

    • Occupancy (OCC);
    • Average Daily Rate (ADR);
    • Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR);
Examples of system interface: simple and user friendly
Whether you are a beginner or professional we have something to offer you!

“Аналитика гостиничного рынка” is equally effective for both beginners and experienced specialists regardless of their management, marketing or financial skills.

What do we offer
to beginners??
  • Basic understanding of hotel market
  • Skills to compare your hotel with competitors
  • Simple work with complex data
  • Basic indexes to evaluate hotel’s efficiency
What do we offer
to professionals??
  • Diverse tools for hotel strategies control and testing
  • Broad view of situation thanks to significant number of reports
  • Significant time saving by means of automating routine processes
  • Intense processes analysis, search for profit spots and ways to costs decrease
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What are the main advantages of “Аналитика гостиничного рынка” usage?

    The majority of hotel owners and top-managers use only internal information for performance measurement. Use the most relevant data including one from other hotels! “Аналитика гостиничного рынка” allows you to follow the market trend of your city and uses information, which you would never otherwise get from your competitors directly.


    How many factors do you use to assess your business profitability? Three? Five? Expand your analytical capabilities with “Аналитика гостиничного рынка”! Basic interface contains all classic daily used indexes and spreadsheets to evaluate the situation in the hotel + some pro-tricks to measure which manually you would normally spend several days. Now they are available to any user at one click!


    How much time a week do you usually spend on report-building? Several hours? Would you like to get back these valuable working hours and use them for business development? With “Аналитика гостиничного рынкa” all your weekly reports are generated automatically without your active participation. Use this system and save yourself several working hours a week! Now your working time belongs to you only!


    There are so many computers in a contemporary hotel that sometimes it may be difficult to predict which device you will use to enter the system. Perhaps you actively use a tablet and compare data on it. How do you make it so that similar information is displayed on all devices? Especially for this purpose, “Аналитика гостиничного рынка” stores all numbers in a cloud. That means that each time you access the system data is loaded from the remote server that ensures its validity on all devices. It is very convenient!


    In the digital era computer pirates scare many hotel owners. What will happen if your competitors gain the access to your hotel’s internal information? With “Аналитика гостиничного рынка”, you can be absolutely sure in your business data security. All information is transferred using the latest version of secured HTTPS protocol with cryptographic coding. This connection method is recommended by Yandex and Google to protect digital data on the internet.


    You would like always be aware of the situation in your hotel, but there is no possibility to spend much time in front of the computer? “Аналитика гостиничного рынка” has a solution for you! Set automatic reports delivery to your e-mail. You will receive the documents at the required day and hour. It will be possible to evaluate the situation from any device any time, for example from your mobile phone in between business meetings. Control your business when convenient to you!

With the help of “Аналитика гостиничного рынка” you can:
  • boost your revenue, develop the most profitable sales strategy
  • be sure your rooms are constantly occupied and well-functioning
  • optimize internal communication and procedures, control all details
  • be sure that current room rates are the best and not undervalued
  • control the staff and managers, be confident about their efficiency
  • control the pay-off of the hotel to assess the investments return period
Reviews of “Аналитика гостиничного рынка” users
  • Anna Raykhlinae-commerce and revenue manager, “Allegro” hotel chain, Saint Petersburg

    “Statistics data exchange is a must-have procedure for any hotel. We were among the first to use “Аналитика гостиничного рынка”. During this period, the system has proved to be an essential tool for sales efficiency assessment. Besides that it has significantly eased the process of information exchange among our hotels.”

  • Nadezhda Chaschinaexecutive director, “Nevsky Forum”, Saint Petersburg

    “To my mind, “Аналитика гостиничного рынка” is a very useful tool for market situation analysis and sales strategy development. It is especially important for independent hotels due to lower budgets for such software compared to chain hotels. The system will help managers to evaluate efficiency of sales department.”

  • Vitaly Dudarenkogeneral manager “Ligotel”, Saint Petersburg

    “Аналитика гостиничного рынка” became one of key tools I use in my hotel. I was looking for a system that allowed me to measure my hotel internal data the market and direct competitors. Now I can correctly evaluate my sales results and efficiency of tactic steps I used. More over I can see my weakness points needs to be improved”

  • Darya Mikhailovadirector of sales, hotel “Okhtinskaya”, Saint Petersburg

    “Saint Petersburg hotels including “Okhtinskaya” have practiced data exchange for a long time. We share our numbers and reports in the form of tables. “Аналитика гостиничного рынка” helps us to fulfill this task. Thanks to this tool we can exchange our statistics with chosen competitors while staying incognito.”

  • Anna Ivanova general manager, “Orbita” hotel, “Slavyanka hotel chain”, Saint Petersburg

    “Our hotel is very specific. It used to be state hotel for military which is still connected with them. For a long time we didn’t even have a sales department. “Аналитика гостиничного рынка” aids us in developing innovations. With the help of the system we have become the leader on one of the crucial parameter in 80% of time. However, we still have directions to grow and “Аналитика гостиничного рынка” will be helping us with that each and every day!”

  • Kristina Sidorenko sales department senior manager, “Ekvator” hotel, Vladivostok

    “Ekvator” hotel was the first hotel in the Far East region to join “Аналитика гостиничного рынка”. The system helps us to evaluate sales department efficiency and to vividly illustrate the hotel performance in general. A moment of competition takes place and comparing our work with colleagues we aspire to bite the most delicious pieces of the cake!”

  • Anastasia Bakhmat CEO, “Anturage” hotel, Saint Petersburg

    “… and most importantly, using “Аналитика гостиничного рынка” you receive reports reflecting KPI of your hotel compared with hotels from your competitor set. And based on the reports data you can come to objective conclusions, be happy or sad, to review sales and pricing policy, or to make sure that the previously chosen strategy is correct!”

Proof in numbers: How does the system helped to enlarge hotel market share and business revenue?
Rossi Boutique Hotel & SPA, Saint Petersburg

“Rossi” is rightfully considered to be one of the most peculiar hotels in Saint Petersburg. This boutique-hotel is noted for its intricacy and intimacy. There are many representatives of Russia’s business elite, politicians, artists, public persons among hotel clients. “Rossi” is famous for its unique design, SPA facilities and outstanding level of service.

Using the system since 2014.


We started using the system in a tuff market situation. 2014 was the year when the international environment escalated, Ukrainian conflict started and Russian relationships with western countries worsened. The market situation was changing rapidly, foreign guests inflow plummeted, regular clients cancelled their bookings. We understood the necessity to change our sales policy. Using market analysis and “Аналитика гостиничного рынка” we came up with several hypotheses of strategy alteration, tested them and put into action.

    What has been done?
  • 1.Rate structure review
  • 2.Revenue management system implementation
  • 3.Upsell system implementation
  • 4.Unified sales policy (public rates for all clients)
Market share growth is 7% We have managed to not only keep, but enlarge our market share during bad market conditions.
ARI up to 120% Average rate used to be up to 20% higher than the competitors’ average.
MPI up to 160% Occupancy was up to 60% higher than the market average
RGI up to 125% RevPAR amounted +25% to market average.
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